FREE Weekly Writing Prompts – December 28, 2016

Writing prompts are useful not only as exercises in imagination-expanding, but also to launch you into further beats for stories.

Here are some writing prompts that you can use to start your next short story, or even your next novel or screenplay.

A girl has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend and realizes that it was a huge mistake.  She is willing to do anything to get him back.

A woman has died and her son wants to know the truth about what happened to her, after her death was ruled a suicide.  He knows, due to her religious beliefs, that this would have never happened.

A man makes the discovery that the woman he has been married to for years has actually been keeping  horrible secret from him – she is a vampire.

A book, cursed by a demigod in an ancient day, finds its way to a young girl.  When she reads it, she is immediately captured by its spell and is compelled to follow everything written in it.

The useful thing about writing prompts like these is that it can lead you to many different genres.

While some of them may seem to be specifically geared towards one genre or another, it does not have to be that way.  As the creator, you can take your story wherever you want it to go.

For example, while the woman-as-vampire story may seem to fit into the horror genre, it could cross into another one, such as romance or mystery.

The same theory applies to the others, as well.

Make use of these writing prompts to practice your skills;  after all, writing is a skill, and you must hone that skill as much as possible.


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