Meet Ira Robinson

Ira Robinson was born into a world that he never quite got along with.  Since then, he has imagined new worlds to enter into.

Ira has been writing his whole life, though he has only recently been publishing his works.    He enjoys writing non-fiction books to bring aid or comfort to those that read them, but writing fiction was his first, and greatest, passion.


Ira is also an internationally known radio host, with his various shows, including Open Eyes, Brothers at Arms, The Positude Podcast, Adventures in Autism, and more.

He was diagnosed in his early years with a genetic defect, Keratoconus.  This defect allowed him to have normal(ish) visual acuity for many years but, at the age of 35, he had to admit that his time had come and was declared legally blind.

This, of course, brings about a whole new set of problems, and some advantages, when writing books.  Ira loves to share his experiences with others, so that they may know that, no matter what their abilities (or perceived disabilities) they have, they can still be writings and still get their passion on the page.

Ira Robinson is married to his greatest love, Jolene, the patient and long-suffering companion in life.  She has been his greatest supporter.

Their children, Seth and Crystal also live with them, while their daughter Bethany and her son Rowan are finding their own adventures.


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