The People of Takiq – The Hokarg


The Hokarg have existed for many thousands of years, created by a being they call Mother.

Mother, their literal creator and goddess, births each Hokarg – which are all Males – directly from herself, through a process of genetic manipulation.

For Hokarg, the greatest honor they can achieve is to be chosen by Mother to contribute DNA to her, through which a child will be born.

Hokarg are chosen for this honor by contributing something extraordinary or significant to their civilization.  In this way, only the BEST of the Hokarg will be allowed to continue on, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in the future.

None of the Hokarg know the origins of Mother; she has always existed for them, and, as far as they understood, has since the formation of the universe.


Hokarg live by three Laws, given to them by Mother, herself, and as a result, their civilization has become the most powerful in the galaxy.

Their technology is exceptionally advanced, giving them the ability to not only travel through space, but to conquer any world they have come across.

No race has been able to stand against them.  Hundreds of planets are in the Hokarg Empire and, out of them all, only a few in the past have even tried to resist their new masters.

Chances would be given to that Race to turn back from their ways, but, if they still resisted, they would be destroyed, utterly, from the face of the universe.

Those races destroyed in this way were mourned by the Hokarg; they are saddened when any being was lost in such a way.  Still, it is necessary to bring such destruction about, since none could be seen to stand against them.


The Three Laws, given by Mother, are to be obeyed by all beings, no matter their origin.

The First Law: No Hokarg can ever bring harm to another Hokarg.

The Second Law: Sex is for the lower Races and no Races shall ever mix.

The Third Law: Bring ALL things to The Light.  All things must be discovered, as Mother commands.


Hokarg are, mainly, short, squat beings that tend to be very fat.  They all live lives of leisure, with their time being spent on experiments and entertainments.

They usually have white or light colored hair and wear it shortly cropped.  The hair is harsh, akin to  an opossum in nature.

They do not stand very tall, and their legs made walking while obese somewhat difficult, but their technology more than made up for this problem.


Some examples of Hokarg technology are Grav-Sleds, which they use to get from one place to another quickly, though only one could ride at a time.

They also use flying machines, called Altach.  These are small ships with a small cockpit, which are used in sub-orbital situations.  These utilized the same anti-gravity technology of the Grav-Sleds, on a bigger scale.  These machines could be used to transport larger groups of people or cargo from one place to another on whichever planet they are on.


The control chips are used to keep the populations under their thumb.  These chips, invented by a Hokarg named Ilkum, lowers the consciousness and free will of a person implanted with it, without impacting the intelligence of that being.


This allows the Hokarg to rule more easily, while still being able to utilize the talents and experiences of the being controlled.


Other devices, such as learning machines, which are able to pass on experiences and knowledge to someone attached to it, stun devices, which allowed the Hokarg to subdue an errant being without causing permanent harm, translators and so on, are strictly for Hokarg use.


The beings under Hokarg rule are only allowed a certain level of technology, much lower in nature than the Hokarg, themselves.  This is to prevent any Race from having technology equal to or surpassing that of their masters.


On Takiq, for example, combustion engines in vehicles are allowed, but nothing beyond that, and any fuels used in those machines is refined on the planet.  Farming is done with the same level of technology, even though the resources gathered are to be given to the Hokarg for distribution throughout the Empire.  Mining and crafting are considered in the same technological circumstances.


The Hokarg have strict quotas they demand of their subjects, but because of the control chips, those subjects feel compelled to meet them, out of adoration for their masters.


Any beings found without a control chip are eradicated in the Litany of Destruction.  The same fate is in store for any being that the control chip is found to not work properly on, as well.


Though there is a resistance to the Hokarg on Takiq, they are few in number and not public; that would lead to the Litany and defeat the resistance soundly.

Instead, smaller things are done, such as disruption of production in a certain village or another, eliminating opposition when it was found, and so forth.

The resistance to the Hokarg is there, but ineffectual, overall, and they are becoming desperate.

The Hokarg, unbeknownst to the resistance, know of their actions and are constantly seeking them out to destroy them out of necessity.


Takiq is, indeed, a world in turmoil, and has been since the day Ineke told them their long Winter was coming.

It has the Elves tightly grasped in its grip…


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