Voices Carry Progress Report – The Story So Far

I thought I would give a little progress report for those curious about the sequel to Silent Steps, the first book in the Takiq Cycle.

I suppose, though, before that, I should give a background on how Voices Carry came to be…

It was 2012, a softer time, a happier time…


Oh, wait, nope, it was just another year in a series of years that had been filled with weirdness, sadness, happiness, love, and all the general stuff that makes life life.

But it was an interesting year for me, writing-wise.

The Inspiration

I was struck with an idea in the Summer of 2012, an idea that was just a small spark, at first, but swiftly turned into something that I thought was quite extraordinary, and realized that it was inspired by my past.

Isn’t that how things often are for writers?

As I wrote out the outline for the book which would eventually be called “Silent Steps“, I found myself inserting things that I had dealt with for a long time, in regards to my son, Seth (you can learn a lot more about Seth here).

Seth was diagnosed years ago with Autism, specifically the form of Autism called “Childhood Disintegrative Disorder”, one of the rarest forms of the PDD scale.

Because of it, he lost his ability to communicate normally, and we had to figure out what to do with that, how to cope with something like that and on such a massive scale.

We did, eventually, but it definitely took a long period of time and a lot of work.

What I found happening with Silent Steps was a young girl – the main character, Aylen – that was born with an inability to communicate with anyone around her.  Her voice would simply not work.  The thoughts were there, the feelings were there, but things were lost somehow between her mind and her tongue.

This was, essentially, Seth, in a nutshell, and what I saw happening with him as that younger version of himself.

By the time I started to write the book, it fairly flew off my fingertips and I was able to complete it in about a week and a half.

When it was done, fully edited and polished and all of that good stuff, I put it on the back-burner.  It “sat” on my hard drive for 4 years, doing nothing.

The reasons for this are varied and sundry, but, suffice it to say, I finally got the nerve up to submit it to a publisher and found myself with a freshly printed book in my hands.

And then, to my absolute surprise, it actually started to sell!

Planning for a Sequel

When I finished Silent Steps, I knew that it was destined for a sequel.  In fact, I had the planning for 2 more books completed after I was done writing the first book.

Again, though, due to reasons that I won’t go into here and now, I waited on writing the second book, until December of 2016.

I finally decided to sit down and give life to the ideas in my head, and bring Aylen into the next stage of her life.

I started the writing process on December 3, 2016, and have been going steadily ever since.

Now, I have not written as quickly with this one as I did with the first, mainly because I have other duties that i need to attend to, including being a radio host 6 times a week, taking care of 2 children, as well as having a small grandchild in the house.  This actually leaves me a lot less time in which to do things than I ever had with Silent Steps.

However, I have been getting in my goals of at least 1500 words daily with it, and, most of the time, am far exceeding that.

Currently, the book is sitting at about 37000 words, and I am at the most 1/3 of the way through the novel.

It’s an interesting story, and I am having a really enjoyable time writing it.  In fact, a couple of my characters have gone in directions I never planned for, but am very glad they chose to go.

I’ll update more later, of course, but I thought I’d just let you guys know the stage things are at and what’s happening in the world of Takiq.

Stick around, I’ll be giving more updates as I go, and I’ll also be adding a lto more to the site to help out my fellow authors and readers!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

If you haven’t read Silent Steps yet, CLICK HERE to pick it up!


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