WOW What a Weekend! – Progress Report For Voices Carry

I thought I would give a quick progress report for those wondering how the new Takiq Cycle book, Voices Carry, is coming along.

Due to some issues that kept cropping up, my time last week was a little limited for writing. I got to Friday night with about 46,000 words or so under my belt, and knew I was behind my own schedule with things.

Aylen still had quite a lot of things on her plate for the novel, to say the least!

So, starting Friday, I decided to bear down, disconnect myself from the Internet and distractions, and just started to write.

I am happy to report that hours later, and many doses of Ibuprofen, as well, I was, by Monday morning, able to bring the word count of the story to over 62,000 and a major chunk of the story done.


It has definitely been a long time since I have had that many words flow out in a short time. In fact, Saturday was a 6100 word day, which, to my memory, is a new record for me (though I may have beaten it in times past before I started to do progress checks on myself, with word goals set).

My hands were definitely feeling it the next day for sure!

So the story is now progressing nicely and I am well pleased with the directions it has been heading. I think you, faithful reader, will enjoy it, as well.

Once the first draft is complete and I start the major editing process, I will be sending out calls for Beta readers.  If you are interested in being one, please let me know. As things get closer I will begin choosing from the pool.

Thanks for being here, everyone, and I hope your days are filled with great progress, as well.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Writing Prompt Wednesday!

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