Writing Advice: Don’t Ride the Fame-Train


There are many things that can be said about the entertainment industry, but one cannot deny they have the ability to make a lot of money, seemingly from nothing.

There are many ways in which they do this, but one of the newest is reboots.


While this type of thing is not necessarily “new,” it IS something that has become “trendy” over the past twenty or so years. It’s also a great way for the entertainment industry to make a lot of money.


They know there will be failures and risks with this system, but for every Spider Man remake, there will be a Batman Begins and the sequels it brought.  Big money makers, in other words.


Television shows have their own methods, as well, through things like spin-offs from popular shows.  Again, while some may end up in the slag-heap of forgotten dreams (for instance, That 80’s Show), there will also be those successes like Stargate Atlantis or Angel.

(One of my personal favorite remakes, television wise, by the way, is Battlestar Galactica.  Amazing!)


While publishing houses will not put out a “reboot” of a famous, well-moneyed book, they DO follow trends.  Unfortunately many authors get caught on this fame-train, searching the bestseller lists for the newest “hot thing” and plotting their next book or short story based on it.

Take, for example, Twilight.  After that book hit the fame-wall, splattering its gold all over the place, hundreds of vampire romance books came pouring out of the desperate pends and keyboards of aspiring authors, trying to catch that brass ring and hoping for a piece of the pie.

Some got it, but, by far, most ended up in the pit of broken dreams.


Now, hold on before you lynch me.  I am not saying to not have an idea for a vampire romance story.  if that is what you have on you to write, go for it.  I’ll never disparage anyone their ideas.

But what I AM saying is to not ride the fame-train, seeking out that brass ring, riding the coat-tails of those that came before in the latest trending topic.


Write what comes naturally to you, whatever it may be.  Want to write a vampire romance? Go for it!

Want to write a story about a morally ambiguous carrot that just wants to find his way home? Jump on that keyboard and clatter away!

Just don’t fame train.  Ride your own comet and follow your own desires.


You’ll be a lot happier for it and, who knows, you might just start a trend of your own.


We don’t need more reboots, really.  We need new voices telling their stories in their own way.


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