Writing Prompt Wednesday #2 – Science Fiction Prompts

I admit it…  I am a sucker for Science Fiction.


That’s right, I said it.  I love sci-fi.  Since I was a little kid, I have dreamed of worlds beyond our own, and was always captivated by books and shows, as well as ,movies, that let me have the excuse of seeking out those other worlds.


With that in mind, i thought, for this week, I would give some writing prompts that fit into a science fiction genre, although, to be fair, they likely could fit in with any book or short story.


Ready? Let’s begin!


Every night, for over a week, a radio host receives calls during their show, informing them that an invasion is impending, and the caller is just trying to give everyone the warning.  The host starts to wonder if the caller is real, when they get another call, this time from a government organization that tells them to never take a call from that person again.


The light of the sun has been blocked out on the planet, and no one knows why.  A think tank, made up of the brightest minds on the planet, begins to understand their world has been removed from their old reality and is entering into a new one.


The protagonist notices that a bright spot in the sky seems to be growing larger and, once seen through a telescope, they realize that it could be an alien ship coming to the planet.  Only one person in their town believes them, and he tries to kill him for the discovery.


The protagonist, a young child, is abducted by alien beings and placed in experiments, but, unlike others that have been abducted, they are VERY aware of the situation and, instead of fighting against the alien beings, volunteers to help them out.


Every time the protagonist takes a drink of alcohol, they are able to see visions of an alternate reality.  This leads them to alcoholism, because they want to leave ths world for the beautiful one they see.


I hope that these writing prompts inspire you to create something awesome.  If you do, let me know!  I would love to know that it helped you out!



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