Writing Prompt Wednesday #4 – General Fiction Prompts

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s once again time for some awesome writing prompts for you wonderful authors out there!

If you missed our previous ones, make sure you check them out.  We covered some Sci Fi and Fantasy ones recently, so, this time we will give more general fiction ones.

As with all of them, however they can be cross genre and used for whatever purpose you like!

Here we go!



The protagonist is a woman in her later years.  When she was young, she gave up a child for adoption.  She discovers the child has been put in prison, and it turns out the crime committed was the same type of crime the father of the child was imprisoned for, as well.



The protagonist finds out the person that just moved in down the street is their long-lost sibling, that had been kicked out at an early age.



After a boat crash, two people are stuck together on a life raft on the ocean.  The two are enemies, but must use each other in order to survive the ordeal.



A young girl, living in a very small town, discovers a friend has been abused by their parents, but, when she tries to get them help, no one believes her, and her friend denies it all.



The protagonist is a woman that has been having an affair with a man she recently met.  She discovers the man is actually a family member.



The protagonist wakes up one morning and finds a large cut on their back, placed there by a knife.  They live alone.


There you go folks!  I hope these prompts help to blast you into the stratosphere of a new novel!

If these have helped, I would love to hear what you made of them.  Please, send a message through the Contact form or email feedback@openeyesnetwork.com

See you next Wednesday!

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