Writing Prompt Wednesday – Fantasy


It’s Wednesday once again, and that means it’s time for more writing prompts!

Hot off the presses, we’ve got writing prompts designed for the Fantasy writing crew out there in our little tribe.

While these may be inspiration for fantasy books or short stories, they COULD be modified, of course, to suit any genre.

With that in mind, let’s see what we can do to inspire something great within you!



A young child is raised in a small village and has a wonderful life, but many of the people in their family die young.  The child finds out there has been a curse put upon their family, long ago, and wants to find out how to break it.



The protagonist has always wanted to marry into wealth, and finds a way to do it through the use of a spell.  But, the spell comes at the cost of blood.  Each year, a person must be sacrificed, or the protagonist will die.  The first year anniversary is coming up soon…



In a world filled with technology, the protagonist discovers an ancient device that allows them to reshape the world however they like.  But, that power comes with a price – a part of their essence dies each time they change things.



The protagonist is a drug addict and has no care for their life.  Until, that is, the day they discover what they think is reality is actually a spell cast upon them by a sorcerer.  They must find a way to break free of it all.



A woman finds the power of her singing makes people love her, but, each time she sings, something dangerous happens, as well.



The protagonist is a demon that has become tired of living eternity that way.  They want to change, but how?



I hope you all enjoy these prompts, and can make use of them in some way.


Make sure to come back next week for another Writing Prompt Wednesday!

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