Writing When Blind Can Be Difficult

I get asked quite frequently how, if I am blind, can I write so much?  After all, I tend to do at least 3000 words per day of content, whether it is for blog posts, books, articles or any amount of other things.

To be honest, it’s not something that is easy to do.  in fact, some days, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Usually this happens because my eyes are, literally, in too much pain to do anything with.  With the disorder I have, sometimes my eyes swell up in the sockets and I experience quite a bit of discomfort.

Thankfully, those days are not often, and I can, occasionally, muscle my way through it, anyhow.


Text-to-Speech Software


One thing I use that helps quite a bit is text-to-speech software.

The primary one I use is Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I would love to get the newest version, but the one I have right now does me alright.  It’s definitely better than nothing, and is a far cry above what comes standard with Windows these days.

If you have never heard of these handy pieces of technology, they are,  essentially, little dictation machines installed on your computer.  You speak into a microphone and the program picks up your words and translates them into text on the screen.

Sometimes they can be inaccurate, but, for the most part, a quality one like Dragon will understand pretty much everything you say to it.  Some of the results, though, can be quite humorous.


Typing By Memory


I have been around the block for a while, and most of my 40 years on this planet have been spent behind the keys of a keyboard.

Because of that, I have become quite adept at being able to type without mistakes and without having to see the keys on the keyboard.  I am grateful, these days, for the keyboarding classes my mom made me take way back in the day.  If you’re old enough to remember those, you have been around a while.

One other piece of technology I have that helps in that area, though, is an illuminated keyboard.

In particular, I use the Razer Anansi keyboard, which has the cool feature of being able to change the colors that the keys illuminate to any of the 16 million colors that the computer can handle.  It’s great when my eyes are particularly being a pain in the butt on one day or another and not wanting to work well within a certain color spectrum.

This keyboard is actually originally designed to be a gaming keyboard, but I have adapted it to being useful when writing blind, and it works just as well for that.

My only issue with it is that, being a gaming keyboard, it is VERY sensitive to the tapping of the keys.  If you accidentally tap too lightly and do a slight double tap, it WILL pick that up and put the doubled key on the screen.  Bit of a pain in the butt for me, when I get a bit shaky in the hands.


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